If you are unable to adopt a horse, but would like to help, please consider sponsoring a horse. Each of our approximately 40 rescue horses have regular vet checks, daily grain feedings, and have their feet done by a farrier every six weeks. As you can imagine these expenses add up quickly. We have broken down the numbers for any who would like to help.
$25 – monthly covers the farrier expenses of one rescued horse for the year. $50 – monthly covers the grain expenses for one rescued horse for the year. $75 – monthly covers both farrier and grain expenses for the year. $150 – covers the cost of one rescued horse to be given a wellness exam, vaccinations, and Coggins. There are other expenses incurred such as utility costs, emergency vet care, antibiotics, hay, and water. We happily accept any monetary donations to help off set these costs. If you are unable to help with a cash donation, we gladly take donated tack items, donated wormer, feed, hay, etc. We also love to have volunteers help with rehabilitating the horses, grooming them, watering them, stall cleaning, and farm cleaning. You can also send donations to:

Diamonds in the Rough 19251 Bob White Road Windsor, VA 23487

If you have any questions or concerns email us at: or call 757-846-6076 We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about us and what we do here on the farm. We encourage you to visit us and our Diamonds In The Rough.